Spectacular Eyebrows Meant To Shock

Make-up artists tend to surprise us every season. This time they did it with unusual eccentrics when it comes to the eyebrows.

Spectacular shapes, unique forms and huge size eyebrows are the latest fashion trend into make-up art.

All kinds of eye-brow decisions are acceptable this season. Just take a look at Balenciaga make up art and you will see plenty of models, showing eyebrows in colors such as yellow, green and cobalt-blue.

eyebrow makeup 01

The bigger are your eyebrows, the more fashionable is your presence. Lately even John Galliano left his models with nude faces, but with colorful eyebrow and furry extensions. The perfect look of the eccentric eyebrows is achieved due to eyebrow mascara, preferable in brown.

eyebrow makeup 04

For those of you, who really enjoy being different, we recommend “raise up” eyebrows with fluorescent elements and make-up crystals on them.

eyebrow makeup 02

The key word seems to be “negligence” and maximum natural look, as well as all kinds of elements on your eyebrow which are totally in the trend of this spring season.

eyebrow makeup 03


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