Tips For Changing The Appearance Of Your Eyes

eye makeup1Generally no one seems to be happy with the way their face looks, they usually complain their eyes are too close or too wide apart, or that their faces are too round; fortunately nowadays there are many ways to correct any sort of minor imperfections.

Here are some small tricks to change the way your eyes look:

Most people love big romantic eyes, the best way to achieve this look is by applying lighter shades on your eyelid, for darker ones will make your eyes smaller.

If you trace the liner on the outer side and corner of the lower lids, it will enhance the effect of bigger eyes.

If you have a problem with wide set eyes you will need to accentuate the outer corner of your eyes by applying eye makeup on all the eyelid, then add more colour to the inner part for a more natural finish and finally apply eyeliner in the inside corner of your eyes.

For close-set eyes you can try to make them appear wider than they actually are by enhancing the outer side of your eye edges using darker colours, at the same time lightening the inner edge.

Droopy eyes can be given a lifting effect by applying makeup on the outer corner of the eyelid to give them a feline look and add mascara to the inner part of the eye.

If your eyes are deeply set, apply a medium to light eye shadow to your eyelids with darker tones on the eye crease and think of applying a lighter shade on the brow bone.


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