Eyeshadow For That Color Effect!

eye shadowColor Effect to Your Eyes! Yes eyeshadows are a form of makeup used to color the eyelids for that special and attractive effect.

Get that spectacular makeup done to get that captivating look or do it all by your self.

Eyeshadow is the loveliest section that every makeup artists want to attend for any person.

It gives a great scope for the make up artist to explore their talent in producing fine results.

Eyes form the most important area of observation, the first focal point in face are the eyes. So it is quite evident to work on eye make up to make the entire look captivating. Merely using eyeshadow should not be the approach instead it should be used appropriately to match the requirement.

The color of eyeshadow should first of all suit the eyes color and shape to give it a perfect look. Follow some simple eye make up tips for the application of make up. Light shades show the spots and dark colors hide them.

How to Apply Eyeshadow?

Its very simple remember doing painting in your school days with a brush giving those strokes wherever needed, this is exactly the same rather on a small scale. Take a neutral concealer and apply it on the eyelid perfectly as a base. Then apply a bit darker eyeshadow starting from near to the eyelashes line to the brow line.

After this apply a bit lighter shade, medium shade on the lower lid and blend it perfectly into the previous base shade which a bit darker one. The last color is the third one which should be applied till the outer corner of the eyes starting from the lash line.

This will give overall depth look. The color application can be reversed to downplay the brow bone meaning lighter to darker shade starting from inside.

Natural! As far as possible wear those natural shades don’t go for greens and blues which look very artificial. Remember lighter eyeshadows are used to make your eyes look wide and dark shades to make them look small. Use neutral shades like browns and beiges for that natural look

Eyeshadows are available in powder forms as well as cream based. It is always better to use cream eyeshadows which do not crease up and remember to coordinate them with powder eyeshadows. Cream ones should be applied with finger tips.

Glittering Eyeshadows! You can pretty well buy them for those night parties to get that special attention. You can simply add shimmer to the eyes for that dazzling look!


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