Why Is Face Primer Important When Applying Makeup?

Face primer is important when it comes to makeup because it gives you base on which you can build your new face. You cannot properly apply makeup if you do not have a first layer of primer, so it’s important to always have this important piece of equipment on hand. You never want to be caught out with all of your makeup but nothing to use as a base for your little piece of art.

The best analogy that can be used to describe the important of face primer is looking at it as a canvas for your artwork. An artist would not be able to paint something without a canvas, just like a makeup artist would not be able to apply makeup without the use of a nice primer.

Face Primer

All of the professionals will swear by the importance of this piece of makeup, and that should be enough to tell you that you should always use this little makeup tool whenever you can.

Anyone who tells you that you don’t need to use primer before you apply makeup simply does not know what they are talking about. The key to the successful application of makeup is giving yourself the perfect base to start with.

It would never make sense to apply makeup to a face that hasn’t been washed for a few days because that would be like putting makeup on a pig.

How to implement your face primer

The first thing you need to do before you applyyour face primer is wash your face and make sure your entire head is completely clean.

You don’t want to have a greasy face underneath all that makeup, so make sure you do a good job using a face wash or soap before you even start with the primer. Most people usually take a shower to start their day off before they begin putting on their makeup.

Moisturizer is another thing you can use before you get to the primer because it will make things easier on yourself during the application process.

Once you have washed and hydrated the skin on your face, you can then begin applying the primer. By washing and moisturizing your face before adding the primer, you will be able to have your makeup stay on much longer and look fresh throughout the entire day.

Applying the primer to your face

To properly apply the face primer to your face, you are going to need to use a regular foundation brush to make sure the application process goes rather smoothly. For any primers that come in a pump bottle, one pump out of the bottle should be plenty for your entire face. Try not to go overboard on the primer the first time you use it because you can always go back for more.

The key to applying the primer in the best way possible is by using the brush in tiny circles around your face. You should make sure that the product is laid out evenly on your face because you want to have your makeup look as natural as possible when you are done.


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