Fall Makeup and the Celebrity Inspiration

In each season the fashion changes, and according to this the makeup that women apply also changes to be in compliance with the changing of the fashion. In case you would like to be up to date with the latest trends, here are some ideas to consider.


Celebrity InspirationHaving a shimmery makeup is a must have during this fall, and so you should opt for shimmery eye shadow. The hottest colors are considered to be silver and brown, and their advantage is that they are suitable for just any skin tone, and so you should really give them a try.

Also you shouldn’t forget about applying some mascara on the eyelashes as well. In order to enhance your bone structure, you could also use a bit of tan blush in peach, tan or rosy colors. In the majority of the cases the first facial feature that the people observe is the lips, and you could draw more attention to them by applying berry red lipstick. To achieve the right balance you will have to experiment before you find the right ‘recipe’.

Nude and brown

As it has been mentioned before, these are the most dominant hues of the moment. They are suitable both for wearing during the day and the night, regardless of your skin tone. One of the biggest fans of these colors is Kim Kardashian, so you could get inspired by her.

For one of her looks she has used shimmery brown eye shadow. In case you would like to have the same look, you should make sure that you smudge the edges. Naturally she didn’t forget about the false lashes either and she made sure that she had a generous amount of mascara too.

Don’t forget about the highlighter beneath the eyes to make them pop and the tan blush that you apply to your cheekbones will enhance the look of your bone structure. As the finishing touch you should apply some nude lipstick or lip gloss that will make you look more innocent and it will turn more attention towards you.


In case you would like to show the world your feminine and elegant side, you should never forget about the bold and seductive look of red lipstick. We have to admit that this isn’t one of those colors that are easy to pull off, but if you apply it like Nicole Scherzinger, there is no way to go wrong.


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