Flirty Eye Makeup for Date Night – Get the Tips

When preparing for a date women usually spend hours preparing and in the majority of the cases their makeup requires the most time. Sometimes you can’t choose between the eye and lips: which one should you play up? Remember that you can’t have both and you have to make the right choice.


Eye color and shape

No matter what kind of makeup you are doing, always keep in mind that the eye color has an effect on the outcome. When creating the makeup you should try to be adventurous. Start applying the makeup only after you have thought about your eye shape and color. This way you can make your eyes pop.

Play with the colors

If you decide to become adventurous, you will be able to achieve professional looking results. Mix and blend the different colors to achieve gradual and flawless transition. You shouldn’t be afraid to have fun with colors and this is the best way to enhance your natural beauty.

Aqua colored eyes

For the perfect effect you should mix gold, blues and teals. First apply the primer and then apply highly pigmented eye shadow. After the primer is set, apply some gold and some teal in the inner corner of the eye. Blend them together with a gold shade.

Then take a brush and apply some blue shades on the crease. Blend the blue with gold eyeshadow along the lash line. For a flattering look you should apply gold and copper shadows to the inner lash lines and then add some blue pigments. For a dramatic effect you can also add a pair of falsies.

Purple makeup

Purple is suitable for the majority of the skin tones and it is suitable for a wide range of occasions. Start with mixing purple eyeshadow with some fuchsia or hot pink. Then apply bright pink or purple to 2/3 of the eyelid, starting at the inner corner. Then add the mixture to the crease and the eyelid.

Apply some color to the lower lash as well. This way you can achieve a more dramatic effect. Again you could add some falsies. In the end add some eye liner and make sure that you also use some mascara.

Going natural

The natural makeup is a timeless trend and the best thing about it is that it is of low maintenance. The result will be soft and feminine but still seductive.

A flirty eye makeup is all you need to make your date fall head over heels for you. Don’t forget to bring your stylish Printrunner print business cards to make a good lasting impression.

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