Forest Fairy – Halloween Make-Up Tips for 2013

As Halloween draws closer, more and more people start thinking about their costumes and their makeup. While in the past it has been easy to come up with your makeup, nowadays it requires more imagination. The good news is that there are a lot of tutorials for you to be inspired by. For instance you could think about becoming a fairy.

Start with the Foundation

Start with the foundation

It is difficult to use white makeup. Instead you should go for a very pale foundation and highlight it with white powder. It is important for the look to be even and this is why you should apply the makeup using press and roll motions to make sure that the “ingredients” are evenly mixed.

The Eyes

The eyes

To achieve the perfect look, you should apply fuchsia eye shadow on your eyelids, all the way to the brows. You have to start with fuchsia because you will use other, darker colors and you always have to start with the brightest one. Then use cornflower blue and apply it under the lash line.

Make it Dark

Make it dark

In order to enhance the eyes, you should apply dark grey or black eye shadow on the eye lids. To make sure that your eyes will look large, you should use a white pencil and line the lower eye rim. Purple flex will complete the look. For this you should use highly pigmented gel eyeliner.

Make it Interesting

Make it interesting

Adding the flecks is easy if you use an old brush. Add the eyeliner to the brush and you will have some knocking around to do. This way the spots will become more organic. Make sure that the eyes are deep dark and finish the look with a generous coat of mascara. It might be a good idea to use fake lashes both for the top and bottom lashes.

White Powder

White powder

To make the eyes pop, you should use a blush brush. Apply the white powder around the eyes and the face, all the way down the neck. In order to make sure that you will look the way you want to, don’t forget to apply some concealer on your lips. Then add some opalescent pigment to the lips.

White powder 2

Finish off the look using a distressed wig. Naturally you may use your own hair as well with a distressed hairstyle. In order to make the hairstyle more interesting, you could add a floral headband to create a contrast in the look.


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