Get The 2010 Holiday Season Glamor Make-Up

The makeup tendency of the season is really different from the last year when it comes to festive makeup. The tendency this season is all about pink and purple eye shadow. Those shadows are very bold and therefore, you can choose to wear them only for some evening events.


The holiday looks require bold combinations; so go for these two to put accent on the eyes. Finish withmascara and you will have a perfect party look.


Another makeup tendency still in vogue is the smokey eyes. It is an all-year-round trend, but the difference this season is the golden smoky eye. Instead of mixing black and grey, choose golden and bronze. The effect will be smoother, so don’t hesitate to try it. You can also use golden mascara and a proper tan product. This way your eyes will grab the whole attention.

Don’t turn your back on the earth colors such as the colors of desert. Accent them only with black pencil and you will see the result.


You can also go for deep yellow shadows for they are festive and glamorous. As for the lips, choose the eternal classy red shiny lips. No matter of the eye shadow choice, the red lipstick will surely be the right one for you.


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