Giorgio Armani Effeto Nudo – All the Reasons to Love It

The latest Giorgio Armani collection offers a lot of interesting possibilities for the spring months. Usually spring brings a lot of pastel tones, but in this case the label opted for a higher focus on achieving the perfect nude effect. This is something important in case you would like to achieve the perfect natural makeup.

Giorgio Armani Effeto Nudo

Line it up

In case you know the fall collection, you should know that the new line continues with the same idea. It has been inspired even by the glamour of the Thirties’ Hollywood. The nude hues presented in the line are supposed to be translucent, feminine, luminous, and glamorous. All in all they should reinvent modern romanticism.

Giorgio Armani Effeto Nudo 1

Highlighter Palette

The limited edition highlighter palette is a start of the collection this is something like a mixture of gel and powder that uses the micropearl technology. The best thing about it is that you can apply it on your cleavage, face, and eyelids. The manufacturer claims that it has a light texture and it offers velvety results.

Fluid Sheer

This is one of the most interesting additions to the new collection. The product is said to help enhance the complexion and the cheekbones. Thus women can achieve a perfectly flawless nude makeup. This is the product that will make women look like they have absolutely no makeup on.

Giorgio Armani Effeto Nudo 2

Silk Eye Pencil

Since this pencil is soft and highly pigmented, some women might be tempted to overdo it. However, in case you are striving for a nude makeup you should only use the pencil to shape the eyes and to define them. You can make use of the highly pigmented pencils on other occasions.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss

No makeup collection is complete without lipstick or lip gloss. These are meant to offer a feminine and polished look without giving the feeling that women are trying too hard. There is the Flash Lacquer in coral, pink, and plum shades and the d’Armani Sheer in the same hues.

Giorgio Armani Effeto Nudo 3

When can you buy it?

In case you would like to be the first one to own a product, you should know that you can place an orderfor them on the official webpage of Giorgio Armani. On the counters the products will become available in February. This is the time when the products will become internationally available as well.

Even though you might think that the products are too expensive, you should know that the quality is worth every penny.


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