Hazel Eyes And The Best Makeup

The right makeup for hazel eyes is actually the golden eye makeup. In case you are wondering what to choose to flatter your eye color, go for golden eye shades or smokey eyes, which is a makeup tendency.

Most of the Hollywood stars that have hazel eyes are choosing the golden palette, for it is creating a magical touch for your look. All metallic shades are also good for hazel eyes, so you can even choose silver eye shadows.


Always line your eyes, for it is creating a femme fatale look and it is certainly very appropriate for hazel eyes makeup.

The navy makeup is also a good idea, for it is adding a deep eyes impression. Darker shades are also a good way to accent the color of your eyes, but go for dark brown liners, for they are creating an amazing contrast.

Another good makeup for hazel eyes is the nude eye makeup.


The minimal makeup trend is now super popular and stars like Kim Kardashian are choosing it, for it is sexy and smooth. Go for nude shades and smokey eye look, as you choose dark liner.

Lavender makeup is also very proper for hazel eyes, for it is adding certain warmth to your look.


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