How Long Do You Take To Become Beautiful in The Morning?

Any woman knows that morning beauty takes time to be achieved. According to a recent research, women need 76 minutes for their beauty on Mondays.

If this sound too much to you, just notice your own actions at the start of the work week. The average woman spends at least 18 minutes to prepare her make-up and at least 16 minutes to choose her outfits for the office. Monday turns to be the day, in which the women spend more time for becoming beautiful.


On Tuesdays the procedure is reduced to 40 minutes. The interesting fact from the research is that as soon as Friday comes, the women are willing to prepare their hair, make-up and outfits for no more than 19 minutes.

Of course the morning beauty rituals are different for any woman, but what matters is that- women are willing to prepare more on Mondays than in any other day of the week.


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