How to Apply Eye shadow to Get a Spectacular Look

Eye shadow is the most important element when we would like to have amazing eyes, but although women could have done this thousands of times, still they might not know how to apply eye shadow. There are different methods to achieve the desired results.

First method of applying eye shadow

First you have to prepare the lids through applying a bit of foundation or concealer to create an even color of the lids and to make the eye shadow adhere more easily. Then, in case of this method ofapplying eye shadow, you should apply the mascara first to make sure that it won’t ruin your makeup with those little black dots that get on the lids if you blink before the mascara dries.


Apply a bright color on the lids, one that is close to your natural skin tone starting with the upper lashes and working your way all the way to the browbone.

This way of applying eye shadow includesadding shimmery or matte white eye shadow beneath the brow, starting with the middle of the lids and working your way to the brow bones.

Take the next darkest color and apply it starting with the lash line all the way to the crease. When considering how to apply eye shadow don’t forget to blend it well outwards.

Then comes the dark shadow. In order to achieve a more dramatic result, you should apply it from the crease of the eyes to the outer corners. When thinking about how to apply eye shadow you should always remember to blend so there will be no drastic line across the crease.

You can also opt to create sideways Vs. For this you have to apply the eye shadow to the outer third of the crease and also blend it into the outer edges this way creating the V shape.

If you opt to use this method of applying eye shadow you will be able to define the shape of the eyes and also to make them look bigger. To finish the look you should go for the eyeliner. There are many different colors to try, like greens, plums and browns that are suitable for the majority of eye colors.

How to apply eye shadow: the second method

The concealer and the mascara should be applied just as in the previous method. Then apply the eyeliner under the eyes just above the lashes and also add a thin line above the eyes, close to the lashes.

Get a brush and add black eye shadow to it for this method of applying eye shadow. Then raise your eyebrows and find the crease of your upper lid. Draw a line on it just as if you were drawing your eyes. You should end up with a half circle above your eyes.

Then by using the same black eye shadow, fill the space between the eyeliner and the line that you just drew. If you are thinking how to apply eye shadow, you should know to do this lightly, so that the first line of eyeliner will stand out more.


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