How To Apply Make Up?

how to apply make upMake Up! As you all know make up makes you look beautiful, attractive and of course young if applied in a proper way. Follow some make up tips to enhanve your beauty.

So million dollar question is how to apply make up? This is quite simple than you actually think.

All you need to have is a proper guidance and a perfect make up kit of course!

Now let’s start making you look beautiful. Find answer to your question how to apply make up in just few seconds of reading this passage. Start Reading Now!

Whenever you get a doubt on how to apply make up you just need to refresh your self on these simple steps. Once you are used to this regime you can simply play with it as later make up will be that easy for you something in your finger tips.

How to apply make up has been answered by many make up artists on various websites for your convenience. We have picked up the most convenient and easy methods on how to apply make up just for you from our make experts and artists.

Here is a perfect regime well organized and effective in its way to help you get best results each time.

First of all your make up kit needs to have a concealer, foundation, compact or powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner and lipstick. Now how to apply make up, start with a concealer.

Take concealer with your finger tips and apply it onto the dark circles area and acne or blemishes if any on your face. You can even use sponge for this application. Blend the concealer on the acne evenly with the sponge.

Avoid the Mask Look! Foundation should match your skin tone otherwise it will give very odd look altogether like you are wearing a mask. Foundation color should match perfectly with your skin tone this will give a more natural look.

Now spread the foundation on the face properly without leaving any space. After you have thoroughly blended the foundation pat it with compact or powder to make it stay for long hours.

Eyes Speak Volumes! Make them more expressive and attractive! Yes you can do a lot of eye makeup. How to apply make up to your eyes can be well answered in short. First pick up an eye shadow of your choice which suits your eyes color and shape. [Eye make up]

Remember to apply three shades of eye shadow starting with the dark one from the eye lid to the brow line then the medium shade and then the light shade. You can reverse the color effect as you feel. Now apply mascara 2 coats lightly without any lumps on your eyelashes. To enhance and define your eyes use eyeliner either a pencil form or a liquid form.

Blush your cheeks! Apply a good light shade of blush on to your cheeks to get that natural blushing look with a blusher. Color your lips for that perfect look and stunning fantastic effect. Before you use lipstick of your specific choice it’s always better to give a shape to your lips first using a lip liner. Now you are ready to fire with those killer looks.


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