Useful Tips on How to Apply Makeup

Makeup is everywhere that we look, and this is why so many women often ask how to apply makeup? It is possible for you to look just like a movie star if you follow the right methods of application for your skin.

It’s all about the skin

You might have the perfect dress, but still the majority of people will focus on your face.  Once you are able to find the perfect way to apply makeup in case of your skin you can emphasize your best characteristics and hide those that aren’t really advantageous.

How to Apply Makeup

How to apply makeup?

There are some tips and tricks that you could be using in order to achieve the results that you are looking for. Start with a dense coating of foundation on your eyelids.

In case you happen to have dark circles under the eyes, you should hide them through applying a small amount of concealer. This trick also works in case of wrinkles.

The next step of the right method of applying makeup is to apply a coat of eye shadow on the eyelids. You should start with the lashes and work your way all the way to the eyebrows. This way the makeup will last longer. Many professionals use three colors of similar shades for the eyes.

There are many different ways of applying makeup but usually people start with the medium shade, applying it to both eyelids. Then comes the eyeliner, which should have a similar shade to the eye shadows used. On the top of the eye lining should come the third color that is brighter than the rest. The color that is the most suitable for under the eyebrows is a glittery one and after you are done make sure that you have covered all the wrinkles.

How to apply makeup on skin with acne?

There are numerous prestigious products that are said to fight off acne, but in case you have to go to a special event, you can’t wait for it to disappear: you have to hide it.

The right way of applying makeup in this case is to start with the foundation. Look for those that have been made to be used on acne affected skin. There are different kinds of products, including sticks, powders or liquids.

A lot of women don’t really know how to apply makeup and they forget to bring the foundation all over to the hairline and underneath the jaw line to avoid the mask effect.

After that you should choose your concealer and apply it over the acne affected area of the face. Work with it until it has totally disappeared into the skin. In the end the right method to apply makeup is to finish your work by applying powder on the entire face through dabbing it on and completely mixing it.

Before women actually start using makeup, they should start by learning how to apply makeup in the correct way, in order not to make mistakes and not to end up looking like a clown.


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