How to Put on Eyeshadow to Make Yourself Stand Out

Makeup can be a tricky thing for any newcomer, but the trickiness is really extreme when it comes to how to put on eyeshadow. This part of makeup application is often viewed as the hardest part because it is not quite easy to add just the right touch. Most people see eyeshadow as hard to apply because there is really no limit to what you can do with your eyes.

Eyeshadow is viewed by many makeup specialists as the one piece of makeup that can turn you into a completely different person. After all, Elizabeth Taylor could not become Cleopatra without the correct adjustments made to the area around the eyes.

how-to-put-on-eyeshadowWhen you learn how to put on eyeshadow like the best of them, you will be able to add a lot of drama to your appearance and bring more attention to your eyes.

The reason women do not wear eyeshadow as often as other forms of makeup is that it can become rather cumbersome and difficult to properly apply.

You will definitely need a lot of practice before you will actually want to leave the house with your eyeshadowapplied, so make sure you spend some time in front of a mirror learning the best techniques before leaving your home.

Once you learn the secrets of the best makeup artists in the world, you can then apply those tactics to your own makeup application.

How to put on eyeshadow like the professionals

There are many different formulations when it comes to eyeshadow, and you will need to go through many different levels of difficulty before you can really learn how to put on eyeshadow. For a beginner, you will probably want to start with matte eyeshadows. These are rather easy to learn and you will be able to easily learn what eyeshadow is all about.

When you are going for matte eyeshadows, you will be looking to create something that gives you a soft daytime appearance. Eyeliners are the best thing to use for these, but you can also use power eyeshadows if you would rather use that as eyeliner. The best looking matte eyeshadow will come from a fine-tipped brush that is used in combination with powder eyeshadow.

Making your eyeshadow look natural

Unless you are in the circus or are just messing around, you are going to want to know how to put on eyeshadow that looks natural. Soft definition is usually the way to go because anything too extreme will tend to stand out. Neutral colors work best because you don’t want to bring too much attention to your makeup when you are going for something natural.

When it comes to natural colors, the best ones are going to be ivory, charcoal, brown, gray or wine. These light eyeshadows will give you just enough impact to make a difference, while also not becoming too noticeable. You should try and pick a color that goes well with your eye color because that is a general rule of eyeshadow application.


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