Learn How To Apply Make Up To Highlight Your Features!

Want to look beautiful and attractive? Then apply face make up in a proper way.

You have to follow proper steps to apply make up to highlight your important features.

The sequence of applying make up is foundation, blushers, powders, eye make up and lip make up.

Foundation! Make up foundation gives a even, soft, and natural glow to your face.

It covers your skin in the best way when you select the right foundation color.

If you give the foundation base in a right way, you can get smooth and perfect look.Apply Make Up

Apply make up foundation! Take a small amount of foundation in your hand apply it on the face. Use two finger tips to blend the foundation. Work from outwards to avoid accumulation of foundation around the hairline.

Apply it carefully and gently. After applying the foundation, face should be blotted with tissue.

Blusher! Blusher adds shape and definition to your face giving complexion and youthful glow to your face. Blushers are available in many forms like creams, powders and sticks.

Powder type can be brushed on the face after applying powder while cream and stick type are applied after applying the foundation and before applying powder.

Apply make up blusher! Use color on the blush area. Give a touch of color across forehead and chin which completes the look. Cream should be applied with finger tips in small amounts to the cheeks and spread in desired fashion. You can apply powder blush with a brush.

Powder! Powder sets your make up perfectly giving even and smooth finish to your complexion. Powder also helps in preventing the appearance of shiny areas which are prone to oiliness. If you apply make up powder in a correct way, you look fresh throughout the day.

Apply make up powder! Blot the face with a tissue and apply the powder by lightly pressing on one area at a time. You should not smooth it by massaging with puff all over the face. Take a thick powder brush to whisk away the excess with downward movements.

Eye make up! Start with eye shadow which comes in various forms like creams, powders, liquids and sticks. Using a fine brush, apply the color to the entire eyelid from inside to outside corner.

Eyeliners are available in dark and rich shaded colors which emphasize the eyes and create new shape to the eyes. Eyeliner should be light and even and should be applied from inside of the eye to the outside corner.

Mascara should be applied on the top lashes by first looking down and then look up and brush the top lashes upwards.

Lipstick! Lipstick is the final make up touch. For lip make up, narrow and flat ended brush with sharp lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss are required. If color of your lip is uneven, then a special lip base is needed.

Before giving outline to your lips, make your lips smooth and grease free. Use a lip pencil to outline your lips. Then, select a lipstick which suits your skin type. Finally blot it with tissue paper.

You can apply make up easily when you follow the steps in an orderly way. You can also complete the make up process sooner.


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