Looking Odd With Facial Imperfections? Apply Concealers To Hide Them!

Concealer is used to cover the imperfections of the face.

It is a type of make up that is used to cover pimples, blemishes, dark circles, scars, tiny lines, and birthmarks and it gives a look of perfect skin. It neutralizes and balances the look.

There are different colored concealers like green, white, blue, purple, and matched ones depending on the areas that are to be covered.

White colors are used to cover the dark circles, dull skin, and bruising.

Green colors are used to cover redness or darkening of the skin caused by pimples. To whiten the reddish complexion, use blue.Concealer

Purple colors help in adding glow to the yellow-toned skin. Matched ones are sometimes proved to be effective in covering the pimples, blemishes, and blackheads [Get Rid of Blackheads]. They are the easiest and cheapest to buy.

Follow some instructions before camouflaging facial imperfections. Following are some steps that will help you when considering this product:

First consider concealer that is one shade lighter than your make up foundation because you are applying this in order to make dark spots mix into your complexion. Some people chose that are two shades lighter than foundation.

If the shade is much lighter than foundation or if it is mismatched with the foundation, it may result in highlighting the spot rather than hiding it.

The creamier formula is recommended to cover the under-eye area, which is delicate and a dry formula is recommended to cover up facial parts in general. So, select the concealer depending on the area that you wish to cover.

Select the yellow-based concealers rather than blue, green, white, or purple colors as they may leave the facial imperfections highlighted rather than covered.

Try some samples before you continue to use it. Consult you beautician or make up artist for the sample to try.

This product comes as creams, sticks, and tubes. Most of the professionals recommend creamy or stick concealers under foundation.

For dry skin, in order to cover larger areas such as under eye circles, go with liquid concealers. Solid ones best suit to cover definite areas such as bruises, scars, pimples [Pimples Treatment] etc.

For normal skin, dab this with fingertips and cover complete under eye and outside areas of the eyes as after long day it always turns to red and dry.

If you experience that your concealer becomes dry during the day, pat on eye cream to refresh and then set with powder. For this, you can use brush or fingertip and apply in the area you need.

In case, if you prefer to use solid or liquid foundation, apply foundation first and then apply concealer. On the other hand, if you choose to use cream or powder foundation, apply concealer first and then apply foundation.

Apply some eye cream over concealer if you feel you have heavy look after applying the concealer. You also can mix concealer with any eye cream.

Choosing appropriate concealer color is most important in covering facial imperfections, as it is normally used in combination with foundation.


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