Best 5 Make Up Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Acne occurs when your hair follicles gets blocked with dead skin cells and oil and is commonly seen on face, chest, neck, back and also shoulders. They heal slowly but often recurrence of acne is the most common trouble for people having acne prone skin.

The reasons of acne may include hormonal changes, pregnancy, birth control, stress, intake of oily food stuffs, smoking or usage of excessive oily beauty products etc. Below given are some makeup tips for acne prone skin:

make up tips for acne prone skin1. Natural Products

Opt for most natural ingredients while choosing make up products. Pure mineral make up would be preferable for your acne prone skin. Most of the beauty products available in the market contain toxins which can lead various health issues.

2. Moisturizer Specific for Oily Skin

While selecting moisturizer for your skin you need to be aware that the product should be natural, non-comedogenic and light weighted. Moisturize your skin before 10-15 minutes of applying foundation which will hold your foundation and you will experience fresh and touchable look.

3. Oil Free foundation

Prefer to use those foundations which are free from oil or paraffin ingredients. Never apply too much of it to blemish away your acne spots which will make you look covered with makeup rather than a polished look. Just before applying your foundation, you can also consider wiping your face with an astringent or toner as this act as a catalyst in oil control.

4. Rosy Blush

For acne prone skin, the priority becomes to hide the blemishes. Rosy colored make up kit would be the apt one for you as it blends well with pimples and will be less noticeable. After foundation and face powder, go for the rosy blush of powdered texture that is easiest to apply and lasts longer. Take ample on the blush brush and shed off the excess blusher, then softly blend into your cheeks.

5. Shine Control

Controlling the face shine is very important for pimple prone skin as it denotes that your skin is getting oily and you are again in the danger zone! Once you find your make up melting and getting shiny, lightly dust the T zone and dab clean your face with blotting paper.

However, it is always advisable to use minimal makeup on oily skin as the skin is sensitive and can get triggered easily. Maximize concealer usage and minimize foundation application as concealers tend to have less oil. Go for a complete package of water-based make up kit. Daily cleaning, toning and moisturizing regime is essential for oily skin after you remove make up.

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