Make Up Tips for Blue Eyes – What Colors Complement Your Eyes?

Blue eyes represent the same depth as the color of the ocean. Aquas look deep and enchanting. If you’re wondering what are the different make up tips for blue eyes we have the answers for you. The best way to find the perfect make up for blue eyes is to keep experimenting and find the thing that makes your eyes glow.

Blue eyes are commonly complemented by their opposite colors such as orange and bronze. This reflection around the eyes makes it more enchanting for blue eyes and the way it brings out the aqua color.

Make Up Tips for Blue Eyes

Here are other make up tips for blue eyes:
  • If you try to think about it, you really can’t find a good color that goes with blue eyes. It’s a standalone color that you just don’t want to waste blending with something else. Did you know that the best color to complement blue eyes is bronze? One of the make up tips for blue eyes is using bronze or any shade of brown to highlight your eyes.
  • Brown shades make up to a bronze color too. One of the make up tips for blue eyes is using dark brown eyeliner. If you wish to use black, make sure to give this a touch of bronze or brown to extremely bring out the color of your eyes.
  • One of the commonly used make up tips for blue eyes is the use of orange as eye shadow. Opposite color complements the highlighted transparency of blue eyes. If you’re not up to something as bold as this, you can stick to brown, bronze and black eyeliner.
  • When using bronze or brown, make sure to start heavy on the base of your lashes going lighter all the way to the top. Make sure to keep the color dark from the inner corner of your eye and lighter all the way to the end of your eye lids.
  • Make up tips for blue eyes also recommend gray eye shadow. Although at times it can make your eyes look gray, it is a good shade to bring out your true eye color.
  • If you’re planning on wearing something blue for the day, you can complement the dress with blue eye shadow but make sure not to apply a darker tone than your eyes. You can use the same shade only when they’re lighter to give more emphasis on the color of your eyes.
  • One of the best make up tips for blue eyes that is very beautiful as well as proportionate is the combination of dark brown eye liner, smoky dark eye shadow and your eyebrows properly penciled with brown shade.

It takes time for one to master these make up tips for blue eyes. But once you get the hang of it, you can color your eyes like a real pro.


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