Make up Tips for Blue Eyes: Enhancing with the Right Eye Colors

Google search results for “make up tips for blue eyes” would usually return tips on choosing the right eye colors. Women with blue eyes then get stuck with the same colors even if it does not suit them at all. For you to get the real make up tips for blue eyes, you must first identify the shade of your set of blue eyes.

make-up-tips-for-blue-eyes1One of the general make up tips for blue eyes is to choose the right color of eye shadows that will complement and enhance the shade of your blue eyes.

You don’t need to be fixed with the same colors and same make up application. You can play with different colors and create different looks from the natural daytime eye make up to gorgeous smoky eyes for party nights.

Different Shades of Blue Eyes and the Colors That Highlight Them

Deep Dark Blue Eyes

If your eyes are the color of sapphire with an intense blue shade that borders on purple color it is considered deep dark blue eyes.

Make up tips for blue eyes (dark) would be to choose darker colors of eye shadows and then use light colors for highlighting. Right colors for you would be dark shades of lavender and violet.

Mid-level Blue Eyes

This set of beautiful blue eyes range between dark blue and light blue. Of the four shades of blue eyes, mid-level blue is the most versatile that can wear any color of eye shadow.

Make up tips for blue eyes (mid-level) would be to use dark eye shadows for the eye crease and as eye liners.

Light Blue Eyes

Light blue eyes are the same color as the sea in the early morning. Of all the shades of blue eyes the light blue shade encounters the most problems with eye colors because they can be overpowered by deep colors.

Since light blue eyes are choosy in eye colors, make up tips for blue eyes (light) would be to use dark colors of eye shadow to highlight the color of your eyes. Use the same dark shades to line your eyes.

Gray-Blue Eyes

Gray-blue eyes can sometimes be deceiving because they can be affected by the color of clothes you wear. They will appear blue when you wear a blue shirt and will appear gray when you wear a gray sweater.

Make up tips for blue eyes (gray) are easy because gray blue eyes can take advantage of its versatility to just about any color of eye shadow. A simple tip would be to wear the same shade of eye shadow that will follow the color of your clothes.

General Tips for All Shades of Blue Eyes

A simple make up tip for blue eyes of different shades is to choose colors that are the opposite color of your eyes. The best neutral and complementing color would be – bronze, silver, orange and light copper.

For your highlight colors you can choose apricot, mauve and pink. And of course blue eyes can also wear blue eye shadows! Try a variety of shades that will complement your eye color like turquoise and bright blue. Lastly, don’t forget your dark eye liner and mascara.


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