Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes – How to Highlight Your Eyes!

Brown eyes are gorgeous to look at and if you want to highlight the color of your chocolaty eyes, you need to know the best make up tips for brown eyes. There are several ways you can do this but the first thing you have to work on is the color and eyeliner you use, followed by the tone of foundation you use on your face.

make-up-tips-for-brown-eyesMake up tips for brown eyes are simple and require light coverage. Unless you’re after the intensity of the eyes and you want to expose and highlight the color, you need a darker shade of the color brown.

Here are some more make up tips for brown eyes:

  • Always choose neutral colors. One of the first make up tips for brown eyes that you need to consider is the color. Brown is not something that is very common, and coordinating your color is very important. Playing with different shades of brown will help you highlight those eyes. Do not go after monotone colors; make sure they are in different shades.
  • For brown eyes, you can use brown eyeliner that is darker than your eye color. Brown eye shadow of mixed dark brown highlighted by a lighter tone will help reveal the color of your eyes.
  • Another one of make up tips for brown eyes is that the highlighting color and intensity of your eyes should not stop with using dark brown; darken it with black eyeliner. If you’re not sure how it will appear to be, get the darkest of the brown shade and combine it with a regular black eye liner.
  • Apply liquid enhancer on your eye lashes to make it look longer and thicker, this way the combination of dark eyeliner and thick eyelashes brings out the full color of your eyes.
  • Another popular tip among make up tips for brown eyes is to keep the rest of your make up light and moderate. The thing you want to bring out is your eyes and its unique color. Allow people to focus on your eyes by using lighter shades of lipstick and blush.
  • If you want to keep the coordinated color, shade your eyebrow with a hint of brown shadow and a shade of eye shadow that is dark from the upper eye line and slowly increase to a light color on the way up to your eyebrows; it can make a huge difference.
  • Black eyeliner is one thing you can positively use when it comes to one of the most important make up tips for brown eyes. This will definitely give enough solid color for the eyes making it stand out from the rest of your features.

Brown eyes are generally highlighted by the same color as your eyes, all you need to do is to play with the colors for better results and this is the last but not the least of the make up tips for brown eyes.


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