Make Up Tips For That Perfect Look!

Worried about how to cover your long nose, double chin, blemishes and all your odd features out? Don’t Worry! Make up can help you to get that perfect look.

Find some real good make up tips for correcting your features without any cosmetic surgery. Yes, all in few minutes right at your home!

These make up tips will not only help you to correct your features but also give you an improved look. Although temporary you’ll find it very effective. Dark complexion people need to follow more guidlines to look beautiful.

Is your long nose really bothering you? You’ll agree this to be a good make up tip. All you need to do is simply apply a dark make up on the tip of your nose and see the difference. make up

What your nose has become short! That’s really nice! Here are more make up tips you would love to experiment with.

Short Nose! To make your short nose look prominent and long apply a pale shade of make up along the whole length of the nose, this will surely give a long nose look.

Similarly for narrow nose apply dark foundation on both sides very well to make it more prominent. We have a solution for crooked nose also all you have to do is apply dark foundation on the crooked side of the nose so as to match it with the proper side and you’re done. Perfect make up tips for all those odd ones!

Correcting your chin! Yes, if you have a prominent chin just apply dark foundation as usual on the tip of the chin and if you have a double chin problem then apply dark foundation on the whole chin.

Now if all this is possible then you might be wondering can I change the shape of my face. You have a big desire to go! Anyway this is possible too! Good Right! See how make up tips go to an extent to help you change your face shape. As every one knows oval is an ideal face shape. If you have a round face and desire to make it look oval then use dark make up around the lower face and the temples. If your face is somewhat rectangular and square simply apply dark foundation at four corners and if it is triangular then use dark foundation at the temples and light one at the lower part of the face.

What about your Lips? They can also be given that perfection too. A lip liner does all the magic! If you have thin lips draw an outline little outside the original one giving them a full look and if you have thick lips then the outline should be drawn a bit within the original one. If there is a problem with the shape of the lips then also you can give a good shape stressing it in the middle and forming a good shape and just fill with a look lip color of your choice. Lustrous, Luscious and Beautiful Lips Ready!

Try out these make up tips to get that perfect look all by your own!


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