Amazing Make Up Tips for a Beach Party

From Goa to Ibiza to Rio, beach parties are simply amazing and the most loved all across the world.  The sand, the sun and the endless ocean makes for a perfect setting for a party and a lot of fun.  But when it comes to dressing up for a beach party, people are usually quite confused and the same is true for applying make- up as well.  You can either dress up very casually for a beach party or can either choose to look savvy and classy. Whatever your idea of dressing up is, the following make up tips for a beach party will be of a lot of help.

amazing make up tips for a beach party

  • The first and the most important make up tip for a beach party is to apply a good quality sunscreen. Beaches are always sunny, especially if the party is in the morning or in the afternoon. If you are going for a beach party in the evening then you must definitely apply a moisturizer on your face because the air on the beach can be very trying.
  • Another amazing tip for make up on a beach party is to apply concealer before applying any more coats of make-up.Concealer can also hide the dark circles under the eyes and can also conceal the acne marks and fine lines.
  • You can also use a liquid foundation instead of the concealer to hide the marks etc. on the face.
  • For a beach party, one of the most effective make up tips is to wear a bright colored lip color. You can choose red, plum or bright pinks. You can top it up a lip gloss that can add a certain shimmer to your lips.
  • If you are going to wear a revealing beach outfit then your legs, arms and neck must be well moisturized. This can make the skin look even and won’t get dry due to the dry airs on the beach. If you want your skin to glow in the dark, you can also apply some shimmer on the shoulders, fist, neck and the arms.
  • When it comes to applying make up for a beach party, make sure that the make-up is detailed. You can try out Smokey eyes as they stand out and make your eyes look highlighted even in the night time. You can also choose eye shadows of green, blue, grey and other similar colors to give your make up a certain depth.
  • Thick eyeliner and a line of kajal on the eyes can also add to the make-up. If you have a dusky completion or tone then you can also go for escalation of the cheekbones with orange or brown shades. If you have a fair complexion then you can do the same with gold or pink.
  • Complete the look with long gypsy jewelry including a good neckpiece and long earrings for the maximum beachy look and effect.

Thus follow the above given tips and look amazing at a beach party.


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