Electric, Rich Colors For Your Daring Fall Makeup

With fall around the corner it is time to bring out the full make up kit. This fall try something really dramatic to increase the heat all around.

Experiment with your looks with electric rich colors, the flavor of the season. Bright jewel tones can add vibrant life to your daily attire without going aboard.


Jewel tone makeup can add a lot of glamor even to your office attire. A dash of vibrant lip color or a little bright eye shadow worked onto the eyelids can make a lot of difference.


Jewel toned clothes can be a little too loud but you can’t go wrong with properly used jewel tone makeup.

Eye make up can make or destroy your looks. The right colors and well applied make up can make a lot of difference.

This fall you can choose from different looks to give your self a new look and also make some heads turn in the process. You can experiment with cat eyes and even the retro look along with shades like bronze which look with the latest trend of animal prints.

Try some simple techniques with the new “cream to powder eyeliner”. All you need is a detail brush and a camouflage brush. The different shades available in this product can help you achieve different look each time.


The above shades can be used to give a unique look when combined with cat eye liner and strong lips.

The bronze shade kit can be used when wearing animal print dresses or accessories.

The bronze will compliment the wild look. You can try winging the eye shadow out to get that sophisticated look. Give it a nice flick at the end when you want to add a sexy look.


Another classic making a return is the blue eye shadow. It was done to death in the 60s made taboo last years, but now it is back with a bang.

The right shade of blue is essential to enhance your looks. Keep your skin tone in mind when choosing a blue eye shadow.

Gold flecked blues like the aquamarine suit those with darker complexions and the cooler shades like periwinkle and cobalt go well with pale complexions. Choose your shade and get that wow factor with a little shimmer on your eyelids.


 Another area where you can really experiment is the nail color. You can choose vibrant jewel tones to add glamor to any attire.

Jewel tones and rich colors are the ones to choose this fall to keep in trend. They not only look good by themselves but add to your glamor quotient when combined with animal prints, the latest in trend.


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