How To Look Your Very Best For The Prom?

When planning for your prom night there is much to consider, assuming that you have already chosen who will be your escort, now all you have to worry about is yourself.

What you wear will probably be the dress that you fall in love with and cannot bear to leave on the rail.

Next your chosen hairstyle will either enhance your dress or be a version of a style that you know will look just right for you.

That just leaves the make up which in some cases will be better if you use less rather than more.prom night

Do not even attempt to paint your own nails, leave it to the professionals but make sure you get them done the day before. Do not get carried away with very long talons, they are very impractical and not worth risking on your big day. Be guided by the color of your dress and if in doubt go for a French manicure.

The key to your eye makeup is to complement your dress [Eye Makeup Tips]. Avoid too much make up as it will look cheap and seem like you have something to hide.

As a rule of thumb highlight either the eyes or the mouth but not both. A pastel dress will not work well with strong make up, it will simply clash.

In the same vein a black or dark colored dress will be enhanced by a dark smoky eye, however stick to a neutral tone on the lips otherwise you may resemble a witch. Always feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, never try out false eye lashes that you have never worn before, it is asking for trouble.


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