How to Use Mineral Foundation

The mineral foundation comes in the form of a powder or liquid that offers light to medium coverage, according to the brand used. These are natural foundations that come with ingredients such as titanium dioxide and mica. The majority of these products are free of fragrance and of ingredients that cause irritation. This way they become the perfect choice for those with acne or those who have sensitive skin.

In case of using mineral based foundation you should choose a dense foundation brush because it is able to pick up the right amount of foundation at once.

mineral-foundationCleaning your face

Before using the mineral based foundation you should wash your face thoroughly. Then also use a mild facial cleanser and after than dry your face. The majority of the mineral makeups are easier to be applied on clean face that is free of oil and residue.


You should be using your regular moisturizer. Naturally you should go for one that comes with a SPF protection, even if you aren’t planning on spending too much time in the sun.

The harmful UV rays could affect your face even on the cloudy days. Gently massage the moisturizer into your skin and allow it to be absorbed.

Foundation primer

The next thing you should do before applying mineral foundation is to apply the foundation primer. This way you will prepare the skin for the application of the mineral kind of foundation. With the help of the primer it will be easier to apply the foundation and it also helps the foundation to adhere better. You should leave five minutes for the primer to set.


Open the container of the mineral foundation and swirl the kabuki or the brush in it. Then tap the brush in order to remove the excess foundation. The excess should be caught by the lid because it can be reused at a later time.


Apply the mineral kind of foundation on your face with the help of the brush by making small circular motions. Start with the center of your face and then work your way all the way to the chin, forehead and cheeks. In case you see that the mineral foundation doesn’t offer you an even color, you might have to get some additional foundation and apply it to the problem areas.


In the end you should apply a sheer finishing mineral powder. This should also be done with the help of a kabuki brush. In case you set your foundation, the mineral based foundation will last longer and it will stay in place.

As you can see, it could be a little more complicated to apply mineral foundation than to apply the traditional kind of foundation and the truth is that the majority of women simply apply it without making such a big fuss about it. Nonetheless the results are different if you just put it on in a hurry, compared with the times you are actually careful at what you are doing.


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