Look Gorgeous This Summer With Fabulous Summer Makeup Tips!

summer makeupDo you want to look gorgeous this summer? Well! Your great look mainly depends on how good you are at your summer makeup.

During summer, you should really go easy with the products that you apply to your skin.

Especially, if you spend lot of time out in the sun, your makeup should aim to protect your skin from sun and also give good look to you overall.

So, if you are confused with what to wear and what not to, here are few tips to keep your skin healthy and make your makeup last longer on a hot summer day.

  1. Let your skin breathe easy and use sheer makeup that can serve you more than one purpose. It is very important to keep your skin humidity locked. So, restrict foundation for this season and use light moisturizer with good sun block.
  2. For fresher and lighter look, switch to translucent tinted powder to block the pores on your skin and cover up the freckles on your face (if you have any). Add any appropriate color to it, according to your requirement. A little concealer dabbed under the eye can give added radiance to your look.
  3. Wear only natural nude lip shades for your lips. For evening parties, it is always preferable to use loose shimmer powder on arms and necks. Use soft gloss for your lips to get glowing look.
  4. If you still love to wear lipstick in summer, choose light pink or mauve shades, which are icy colors and gives you a cool look. It would be better for you to stick to lip gloss during day time and for nights you can use brighter colors like plum, wine, burgundy, coral and bronze for your lips.
  5. Use eyeliner pencil of slate grey, warm chocolate or navy shades for your eyes and use them with light hand. Waterproof mascara works great in summer. Curl your eye lashes (eyelash curler) and use glossy black shade on them to appear longer and bigger eyes. To complete your eye make up, remember to have your eyebrows professionally shaped.
  6. Don’t ignore fingernails in your summer makeup. Use a clear nail gloss that has inbuilt UV protection feature to your finger nails. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your nails too along with your rest of the body for every two hours.
  7. Be sure to wear a hat or scarf when you are outdoors. If you are blond having naturally medium brown hair with highlights, there is chance that they can acquire coppery shades when exposed to sun. So, always be sure to protect your hair color from sun (summer hair care). However, using proper hair gloss can help you to get back your shine again.

Implement these simple makeup tips in your routine makeup and accomplish great look this summer.


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