Make Your Makeup Fit The Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses is actually another way to choose an interesting makeup. The glasses are also modern, but they don’t allow you to apply your makeup normally.

Moreover, wearing lenses is comfortable and allow all kinds of makeup. The specialists are advising you to choose makeup for contact lenses, for there is a special way to apply your make up.

makeup-for-contact-lenses-1The first step is to clean your face well, even before you put your lenses. It is very important, because if you have cream on your hands you may irritate your eyes, so make sure even your hands are clean and dry. Insert the contact lenses, before you apply any kind of makeup.

Try to not irritate the eyes and wait for 1-2 min after inserting them. The choice of the makeup is extremely important, because some eyeshades or foundation can cause irritation of your eyes, therefore use onlyhypoallergenic cosmetics.

The oil-free products are also good option and they are easily removable.

Start moisturizing your face as you make sure your moisturizer is light and alcohol-free. Don’t apply some heavy creams or other products in the eye’s area. It can smudge your contact lenses and ruin your makeup.

Go for trendy makeup, but avoid some heavy foundation or shades. The lighter textured foundations and powders are very good, so you can choose them or any kind of foundations that are water based.

The water based foundation is useful not only because it doesn’t irritate your eyes, but because it doesn’t leave any marks on your contact lenses. As for the powder, you really need to be careful and to apply it with closed eyes.


There are some small powered particles that can enter your eyes and this will surely irritate them. In order to prevent any contact with the eyes, avoid applying powder on the eye’s area. Most of the makeup artists are using liquid or cream shadows, for they are the best choice for this kind of makeup.

The pressed powered eye shadows are also good choice, for they are easy to apply and don’t leave any marks. Apply the shadows with a sponge or with your fingertips, for it is the best way not to irritate your eyes. Do not use lash-extending mascara, because it contains fibers.

Go for hypoallergenic mascara and apply it very careful. Eye pencils can be an issue too, if they aren’t soft. So choose soft and waterproof eye pencils. Always remove your makeup, before sleep, as you try to use organic makeup removers.


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