Makeup and Hair Safety Tips during Hot July Days

One of the nightmares of women is to have their makeup melted by heat. The good news is that there are some methods and some products that could protect you against problems of this kind, protecting your body, hair, and face against the effects of heat.

Makeup and Hair Safety Tips during Hot July Days

Body cooler

The women who retain water really suffer in the heat. Their feet and legs tend to swell up so it might be a good idea for them to get a body cooler that improves circulation. One of the best products that you can find on the market is offered by Nivea.

Feeling fresh

Because of the heat women can sweat and as a result they can have breakouts. To keep them at bay they should cleanse often and use antibacterial wipes on their back and neck. Another aspect to consider is that skin is prone to drying during the summer, so it is a must to apply a good moisturizer. Make sure that you go for a light one instead of a greasy one.

Washing the hair

It is alright to wash the hair more often during the summer because the scalp produces more sebum. After washing your hair your will feel it lighter and the discomfort will disappear. It is a good idea to finish the process by rinsing the hair with cold water which will minimize the frizzing and will stimulate the scalp.

Avoid frizzy and flat hair

If the hair is hydrated, it is less prone to frizzing, so opt for a nourishing conditioner and shampoo. Once the hair is dry, apply oil that will keep the hair shiny but that won’t weigh the locks down. Don’t forget that the hair also needs protection against the sun, so you should apply a product that comes with a SPF.

The base of the makeup

Specialists advise women to start their makeup with a lightweight foundation. It might be even better to opt for a BB cream that also contains SPF. It is best to skip the powder because it can make skin look too matte. If you have greasy skin, opt for a primer instead. A bit of bronzer can do magic for your complexion. The key is to use a small brush.

The eyes

During the summer it is best to go for a simple and natural look. In order to make the eye makeup last longer, start with applying a bit of foundation or primer on the eyelids.


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