Makeup For Dry Skin – Top 4 Tricks To Get The Best Look

The major skin types that we usually come across are oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. However people who have dry skin face the maximum number of problems especially if it is on face. If you also have dry skin then don’t be worried because just by following simple tricks you can easily enhance your natural look.

If makeup is done in the proper way, it can bring out your beauty and depress the minor flaws. However applying makeup to dry skin can sometimes be difficult. With our few tips, you can easily learn to apply makeup on dry skin with perfection.

makeup for dry skinCleaning your Face

Before applying makeup, it is important for you to wash your face properly with any fruit based face wash. You can also consider using any home based cleaning product however opting for commercial products is much easier. The best face wash for dry skin is the one full of moisturizer. So before buying your face wash, check for the moisture level.


If you have dry skin then moisturizing is the mantra for you! After cleaning your face, massage it properly with a suitable moisturizer. The best moisturizer for dry skin is the one with a lot of oil content.

Before you apply any kind of makeup product on your face, don’t forget to moisturize it properly. You can also apply the moisturizer in turns i.e. massage with moisturizer for ten minutes and then wait for some time. Again apply the moisturizer and let it soak into your skin properly.

Use Creamy Foundation

Once the moisturizer has completely absorbed within the skin, you can apply the foundation base. There are several kinds of foundations available in the market. However if you have dry skin then you should opt for a creamy foundation.

Creamy foundations are considered best for dry skin and it can also efficiently conceal the blemishes and marks from your skin. Use proper applicator brush to apply this foundation for proper coverage.

Mineral Based Powder

For finishing your makeup and setting it properly, you need to apply compressed powder. Use of hydrated and mineral based compressed powder is considered ideal for dry skin. For the perfect finish, you need high quality translucent powder. Sheer compact powders are considered better than compact ones.

Dealing with dry skin can be troublesome at times but if you maintain it properly, you can easily bring out your best glow.

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