Makeup Tips For Mature Skin – Mature Skin Dos And Don’ts

It is one of the paradoxes of life that when you’re young and hardly need makeup, it actually looks great on you! And later when your skin matures and you are rather in more need of the helpful camouflage of makeup, there is a lot that doesn’t suit you!

makeup-tipsMake up that is inappropriate for mature skin can look patchy, overly bright, can bleed into the fine lines and ironically make you look older – even clownish.

So when applying makeup on older, more mature skin, keep the following in mind:

Break Out Of the Habit:

Over the years you have probably used some of the same products – you have grown used to them and may not have realised that they are no longer suitable for your skin, now that it has matured and changed over the years.

Reassess your makeup and let go of the old favorites in favor of that which is more suitable for older women.

Use Muted Shades:

Whereas the scarlet lipstick looked great on your 20 year old pout, the same may not be true for the lips aged 40. Use colors that are not so bright, use more pastels and earthy tones such as brown rather than reds and bright pinks.

The brighter shades tend to feather and bleed into the fine lines and thereby accentuate them. Also brighter shades stand out on older skin and don’t look as natural so hold off the bronzer, the dark eye shadows etc.

Notice the Hair:

As hormonal changes take place in older women, they develop inconvenient hair growth on the face – a downy growth that powder can accentuate. So rather than pressed powder as a base or blush, use a cream based foundation and blush for an even coverage.

Use a Primer:

Using a primer as the base of your makeup can work very well, on which you can then use a cream blush to avoid the dry look.

Use Concealer Correctly:

To conceal the dark circles under the eyes, don’t let the concealer extend all the way to the outer corners of the eyes – this will spread into the lines at the corners and will not look good.

Use Lip-Liner:

Use a lip liner that is as similar to the shade of lipstick as possible and then blend well (contrasting colors on the lips are really out now) – this will help to prevent the color bleeding out into the lines.

Blend, Blend, Blend:

Your blush should not stand out like two spots, your eye shadow and lipstick should not be garish – the colors on your face should be well coordinated and be blended properly so as not to stand out.


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