Mineral Foundation For Your Makeup Base

Mineral makeup has surely become one of the hottest things to hit the market in the recent years.

More than just a fad however, mineral makeup has proven evidence that it may be better and healthier for the skin for a number of reasons.

Mineral foundation is one of the most popular products of mineral makeup nowadays, simply because it is very different in terms of formula and weight as compared to traditional cosmetics today.

It provides a lightweight texture that is almost invisible, making it very appealing especially to those who are constantly on the go and who want to avoid touching up, or those who are constantly outdoors. But before you jump on the mineral foundation bandwagon, here are some things you should know:

  1. Claims have been made by those with ethnic skin colors that mineral foundation does not provide them the “invisible” coverage it provides fair-skinned women. Because mineral foundation is finely-crushed and comes in limited colors, it may not suit those with ethnic skin tones and may even end up providing an ashy type of color.
  2. Although mineral foundation is lightweight, it also provides heavy coverage. Some women have claimed that its heavy coverage emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles, as it does not contain synthetic fillers that traditional makeup is made of. However, those with other types of skin imperfections such as rashes and acne have also claimed that mineral foundation can easily cover these blemishes. Your best bet would be to test various types and brands of mineral foundation before you make a purchase.

However, these didn’t stop avid makeup users to completely stop using mineral foundation. As a matter of fact, mineral foundation has still gained a loyal following all around the world.

Many people swear by it, and once converted they don’t use anything else. There are definitely some benefits to mineral foundation:

  1. Because mineral foundation contains finely crushed minerals from the earth, many swear by its illuminating and radiating qualities on the skin. Who wouldn’t want to look flawless and glowing, with just a few strokes of a brush? Even if you have a few blemishes you want to hide, the foundation formula can do the trick for you.
  2. The foundation formula also blends so well, making makeup application easier than ever. Say goodbye to yesterday’s hassles of blending a liquid or cream foundation with the blush for the perfect effortless look; the foundations will do that all for you because of their fine and lightweight texture. You may also probably be better off using mineral blush with your foundation to achieve the best effect.
  3. Say goodbye to melting makeup when you’re outdoors. The formulation of mineral foundation has been designed to last long and achieves full coverage no matter what it is you have to do. The foundations can also come in shades that you will need whether indoor or outdoor, and some formulas even carry additional SPF for added protection under the sun.


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