Get Rid of the Puffy Eyes Instantly with these Effective Makeup Tips

In today’s time, puffy eyes is the most common problem all of us face. There are several reasons for it including lack of enough sleep, working in front of computers, excessive use of smartphones, pollution and unhealthy diet. It is almost impossible to avoid fatigue and work and hence, we need some tips to at least hide the puffiness under the eyes and below given are some of the most effective tips:

get rid of puffy eyes instantly with these effective makeup tips

Use Concealers

When puffy eyes become a regular phenomenon, dark circles tag along with it. If you have dark circles, it really makes you look ugly no matter how pretty your face is. Hence, using concealers would help you hide them. Choose the right shade of an under eye concealer which you can use for hiding the dark circles.

Groom your Eye Lashes

Believe it or not, but grooming your eyelashes in a correct way gives your eyes a pretty look. You can use a good quality and high volume mascara and also use an eyelashes curler to shape them properly. Use a deep black mascara so that your puffy eyes are not noticed much.

Do not do your Eyebrows Very Thin

When you have thick eyebrows, they play a great role in drawing anyone’s attention from puffy eyes.

Use an under eye shimmer: Adding a little bit shimmer to your under eye concealer or just dabbing it with a brush after concealing is an amazing way to hide the puffy eyes. Make sure you do not use it in excess as it will look glittery if used a lot. Shimmer is known to add a glow to your face as well.

Use a White Eyeliner Pencil

Using a white eyeliner pencil instead of a black one minimizes the ugly look which puffy eyes give you. You can effectively highlight your eyes with this pencil along with keeping the makeup simple.

Use Eye Rollers

There are many under eye rollers available in the market which help you reduce the dark circles and puffiness of eyes .With the help of these, you can get rid of the puffy eyes permanently. Use the rollers which contain caffeine as they are the best.

Use Eye Liners

Make it a habit of using eye liners on a daily basis. Make sure that you apply it smoothly and evenly. Eye liners give a beautiful shape to your eyes.

Use a Nude Eye Shadow

If the concealer is not efficient enough to hide the puffiness, you can also use nude matte powder or cream eye shadows which do not contain any shimmer so that your puffy eyes are hidden without giving you an artificial look.

Use Eye Primers

An important way to smoothen the puffiness of eyes is applying an eye primer before you apply any makeup to on your eyes. This will give your eyes a smooth finish and make them look fresh.

Thus using the above given tips will surely help you to treat puffy eyes.


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