Runway Makeup Tips from Pros

Fashion week, New York and the whole current it stirs up in the fashion world could not miss even for a second presenting the make-up tendencies to follow the upcoming season.

The 2011 fall has brought down a few notes of the makeup texture and colors, and decided that the nude and soft nuances are back to stay. On a contrastive note the daring runway appearances perfectly fit the daring style notes with a rave of glamorous eye makeup and cherry bite lips.


Maybelline stepped forward with a sheer nude lipstick and delicate foundation tones. But as Betsey Johnson collection went, Maybelline proved they had what it takes to rule with attitude. Delicate became rave in an explosion of color.

Finger paint makeup look is back and the foundation is all about perfection. Makeup artist Daniel Martin’s advice is to wear a flawless foundation base, smooth and natural, which will allow you to joggle with any makeup nuances.


Smokey eyes seem to be a constant. NY fashion week soften them up, making them look brighter. Mascara and eyeliner only or simply smooth colors like soft green are the secret behind brighter, smokey eyes.

The bottom line is that the makeup artists defined the NY fashion week in contrasts. The runway, however, encouraged us to be perfectly confident, no matter what makeup we choose.


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