The Right Makeup For Being 40 And Fabulous

In the makeup of a mature face two major principles have to be respected: avoiding the shiny eye shadow and the blind foundation.

The makeup of the eye lids has to be blind because shiny eye shadows have the predisposition of gathering in the creases of the eye lids.

As the colors are concerned, the right choice is to go for light tones of beige, gold, pink or cream.

The dark shades of eye makeup, which underline the creases, have to be used with moderation because they tend to sharp the face line.

The foundation recommended for a mature face has to be as light as possible. Unfortunately, because of the wrinkle appearance around the age of 40, the mature complexion loses the ability of reflecting the light.right makeup

The anti-wrinkle foundations have included this feature of reflecting the light inside their recipe.

The best foundations are those in the light shades of pink which give the sensation of refreshing the complexion’s appearance. The hydrating lipsticks are a very good choice for mature complexion because they offer volume for the thin lips.

As we grow old we tend to be more and more careful with our face, but keeping it young should not turn into an obsession. We should keep in mind that the difference between derma cosmetics products and the publicly advertised products is quite significant because of the high concentration of active ingredients which are contained by the first ones.

It is not recommended the use of face moisturizers for mature complexion before the age of 40. In order to understand better the reason, imagine a network of collagen fibers sustaining the skin like a net stalking.

The reparatory action of the anti aging products intervenes where the fibers are broken and help the network rebuild. This is why the anti aging moisturizers are not working earlier than this particular age, and using them at a younger age will prevent them from producing results at the right time because the skin as all the body organs has a predisposition to addiction.

If you care about the youth of your complexion, be careful not to expose it to the sun or to ultraviolet rays from the solar tanning salons without proper protection.

The sun is one of the main factors responsible for the aging of the skin. Once a year, preferably in spring or winter, it is recommended an exfoliation treatment of the complexion so the cell regeneration is stimulated.

You must always keep in mind that the simple, logical steps towards a smart care for your complexion are the right road to take towards being 40& fabulous.


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