The Wrong Makeup Makes You Look Older

makeupTime and time again women are told that makeup[applying makeup] can make them look younger and more beautiful.

However, makeup applied badly can make a woman look older.

Tones and colors can clash with a woman’s skin, aging her quickly. Every woman should be aware of the kind of makeup she uses as well as how she puts it on her face because it can make them look old for their actual years.

When first buying makeup, young women should go to a salon and talk with a professional who can help them choose the correct foundation for their skin as well as the right color for their lips.

A professional can also help you put on makeup correctly. If you go out and purchase your own makeup, you may end up getting a foundation that is darker for your skin tone and this will only make you look older. Dark makeup will bring years to your face.

Also, being knowledgeable on the application means that you will not cake it on your skin, leaving clear evidence that you have makeup on.

Avoid too much mascara and lower lash liner because it will draw attention to any lines and wrinkles around your eyes. If you put too much eye makeup on, people will focus in on them, but they will also see the flaws in your face.

Also, heavily made up faces can actually cause more wrinkles to appear because your skin cannot breathe, and the foundation may cake into the wrinkles making them seem deeper and more pronounced.

Be careful of what color of lipsticks you wear because vivid colors may clash against the foundation you use and makes you appear like a doll, rather than showcasing your natural beauty.

Stay with neutral colors and tones because these make you appear younger. Also the lighter the better when it comes to all makeup, because you do not want to look as if you spent hours in front of your mirror slathering on your makeup.

Remember to remove makeup with the appropriate cream every night and to wash your face gently and remove all traces of makeup so your skin has time to breathe and relax.

Makeup has been used by women for centuries. It is used to cover up blemishes, to make them appear more youthful and makeup is used, especially, to enhance a woman’s beauty.

Remember that you should not cover up your entire face so that you look like a different person altogether. Use makeup sparingly and lightly, and focus on neutral tones and airy makeup and the light of the day will do the rest.


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