Tips For Correctly Applying Makeup

applying makeupThe hidden secrets of the basis for make-up can give you the look you have always dreamed of, but to apply a base properly is not easy.

How many times a day you cross the street and see faces painted to look like a super-expression of the grotesque.

And how often thought that you hope you do not look like that.

These are the tips to make your skin look natural and without blemishes.

For a natural look your foundation must be equal to your skin tone (golden rule). Try several different bases on the lines of your jaw. The best suited will give you the best color because it disappears when placed on your skin.

Apply makeup to your hands and then spread on your face. Then smooth the base with a makeup sponge making sure not to stretch the skin as you do it.

Particularly, be careful in the area surrounding the eyes where the skin is super thin. Do not forget to apply foundation on the eyelids and lips.

In order to prolong the duration of the base, apply moisturizer to act as pre-base. Dry skin will absorb the cream base if you are not applying the moisturizer. For oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer or a powder.

For these hot days, it can be difficult to maintain a fresh appearance. To achieve this, set out the basis in the morning using a little powder compact and a makeup brush. Then make regular touch-ups during the day.

But cover imperfections by applying foundation first and then cream with few drops of silicate corrector that neutralizes red.

For those more notable flaws, such as dark circles or birthmarks, use a yellow corrector (for example Mary Kay). Do not use much powder on the problem because it will attract the eye directly to the site you are trying to conceal.

Avoid the baseline around the jaw, apply the cream base as usual, then put a little moisturizer on your hands and drag the line down, massage the neck area.

At night, try mixing some illuminating powder with your regular powder and put it where you want to attract the light, such as on the nose just below the bone of the forehead, temples, cheekbones, chin and shoulders.

Always use a cream base that has a sunscreen with at least factor 15 to prevent damage to the skin. [Natural Sunscreen]

Carefully select the tone of the cream base, if the color of your skin changes with age, you can’t use the same tone all your life. Apply the cream with your head toward a mirror and make sure it looks natural.

Finally, repeat the procedure but under natural light. It is the ultimate proof that you have to pass.


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