What Makeup Artists Do for That Celebrity Looks?

When people see celebrities, they only think about their visible beauty, but you should also know that there are a lot of people that stand behind that beauty, such as the hairstylists, and let’s not forget about the makeup artists either. Just consider that they might get $10,000 for a day of work. This shows how much the job they do is appreciated.

Makeup Artists

                                     (photo credit: http://www.bellasugar.com)

Gleaming powder

In case you would like to look as good as Beyonce did in the Heat fragrance advertisement, you should consider having Le Mer Body Moisturizer applied all over your body. Once you are done with that, also add some Glam Body Powder that needs to be smoothed to achieve glowing skin.

No more dead skin

This is a trick that is used by the makeup artist of Eva Longoria. Before each major event her makeup artist creates a scrub of sugar and olive oil that is applied on the damp skin of Eva Longoria with circularmotions. In case you use this trick at home you will see that your skin becomes considerably smoother. You could also be using Brown Sugar Body Polish that also leaves the skin soft. This is a product used by Jennifer Lopez.


There are some body parts that have sensitive skin, such as the chest, stomach and neck. In order to exfoliate these body parts as well, you could be using a Japanese hand towel. Nonetheless if you think that this is still too harsh, you could also use a facial scrub.


Other body parts have rough skin, such as the elbows, and these also need special treatment. In order to maintain the skin you should cut a lemon in half, add sea salt and then grind them into the elbows, knees and heels. This is one of the tricks that Jennifer Lopez used in 2008.

No waxing

If you are preparing for a special event, you should make sure that you don’t remove hair through waxing. This is because waxing could end up with ingrown hair and little red bumps could also appear. It is way better to use a razor, and this also offers some exfoliation.


It is a known fact that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t apply any self tanner or makeup on her legs, onlymoisturizer. In order to achieve good results, you should try Fekkai Shea Crème Luxueuse. This is thick and incredibly rich.


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