Makeup Minerals And Why They Are Not Ideal For Everybody

Today, people are getting very health conscious that they don’t only buy organic fruit and vegetables but likewise makeup minerals for their beauty needs.

Makeup minerals are basically the healthiest ingredients in cosmetics available. They are most beneficial to our skin.

Although some may not agree with this, but makeup minerals are what many women are after when it comes to ingredients for cosmetics.

However, there are those whose skin does not respond well to makeup minerals. There are a lot of reasons that could be sited for this. But to further understand why makeup minerals do such a great job for other people and why sometimes it doesn’t, you need to get to the bottom of makeup minerals. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about makeup minerals.

Presence of bismuth oxychloride

Generally, mica, zinc oxide and titanium oxide are the main makeup minerals usually used and are generally healthy, safe and do not cause any skin reaction. They work best to protect your skin and blends well with it.

However, it still needs one component for it to have the silky feel to it. Added bismuth oxychloride does this. It gives off a metallic property that makes makeup minerals need to glow and enhance the overall effect of the makeup.

Though bismuth is considered to be a mineral, it does not come from the earth, but is a byproduct of lead and may cause skin irritation. This is one of the reasons why what is supposed to be natural have unnatural effect on some more sensitive skin types.

Presence of synthetic ingredients

One of the most common reasons why skin irritation occurs is not because makeup minerals are new to your skin. It is because perhaps there are synthetic ingredients mixed with the product you’ve used. Some products claim that they are an all natural makeup made nothing but pure mineral but does not really live up to their claim.

Example of synthetic ingredient that is commonly added to makeup minerals is synthetic fragrance. This is done mostly by companies and brands to make their product more saleable but does not have any other significant purpose other than that.

Makeup minerals suffice by themselves. Look for brands that stand up to this fact and do not attempt to add anything that may defeat its purpose.

Presence of compromised skin integrity

Makeup minerals are healthy only to normal healthy skin. Like any foreign material which cause harm when it enters the human system, minerals like zinc oxide and mica also cause irritation to a broken skin.

Minerals are harmless unless they come in contact with skin that has already been compromised. Minerals that unduly enter a broken surface of your skin may further aggravate inflammation as in inflamed acne and other inflamed skin conditions.

What to remember

Makeup minerals may be made from natural ingredients but they are not ideal for all skin types. Before you go ahead and try them on your skin, consult the experts. Ask your dermatologist about them and know which ones are right for you.


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