Makeup Products For Your Dry Skin!

makeup productsIf you have dry skin, you often feel the skin tight and it looks dull and pale.

It usually feels tight immediately after washing and appears dull and pale due to its inability to maintain skin’s moisture.

As dry skin contains the sebum in very low levels, it tends to undergo sensitivity and develop itchiness, flakes, chapping, cracks, and wrinkles.

Dryness becomes even worse by the wind, dust, and extreme cool and hot temperatures, which cause the skin to flake, crack, and feel tight.

Make up also makes dry skin worse. Therefore, it is essential to gain proper knowledge about make up for dry skin before you attempt to do it.

To do make up for dry skin, always choose the products that covers the flaws of a dry skin instead of making it even worse.

So, before using the make up products, always make it a point to ensure that the creams and cosmetics you use for makeup are prepared in water-based composites. The creams and cosmetics that contain extracts of water-based fruits such as watermelon are best to use in your make up for dry skin, as these extracts can make skin livelier.

Make up for dry skin gives effective results for any type of make up–liquid or powder. Both are safer and effective for dry skin. So, continue using any of the two make ups for your dry skin unless it makes your skin even drier or makes you to break out.

Foundation is the basis in make up for any skin. In make up for dry skin, apply foundation all over the face to create a uniform look. Foundation for make up usually comes in three forms–liquid, powder, and cream. Make sure that the foundation you use in make up for dry skin is oil-based.

Use Concealer that covers the dark spots, blemishes, and pimples. It is also great in hiding baggy eyes. Concealer in a make up goes under foundation and usually comes in the form of liquid, cream, sticks, and compacts.

Liquid and cream forms of concealer are good for dry skin make up. In make up for dry skin, it is good to prefer a concealer slightly lighter than the foundation. A dark concealer can reflect the foundation that you apply and give unevenness to your makeup.

When it comes to eye make up for dry skin, consider eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Since eyeliner is to line the base of the eyelids and it is mainly used to improve the size and shape of eye and the mascara is only to add more volume to eyelashes, you can use any eyeliner and any mascara for your eye make up.

As you apply eye shadow on entire eyelids and even in the gap between eyelids and eyebrows, choose the one that is suitable for dry skin. Eye shadow usually comes in several forms: cream, matte and pencil and the best eye shadow for dry skin make up is eye shadow in cream form.

As you use lipstick and lip liner to make up the lips, select the one that suits for dry skin.


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