Pros and Cons of Mineral Make Up

Although mineral make up seems to be a new product, you should know that it has been around for quite some time, and the first mineral foundation has been introduced during the 1970s. There are many companies that are claiming that the mineral products are safer to use, but there are a lot of things said just for the sake of advertisement.


Real pros of the mineral kind of makeup

There are no filler ingredients. The traditional makeup is known to have many different kinds of fillers that usually clog the pores. Still we have to add that the claim according to which the mineral make upcan cure acne has no real basis. Still it is true that by using this kind of makeup, the breakouts are less likely to happen.

No more irritation of the sensitive skin

It has been proven that the mineral kinds of make up make wonders for people with sensitive skin. The makeup isn’t absorbed by the skin and so there is no reaction from the skin’s part.

Even more, since there are no fillers and artificial ingredients, the women who have allergies for the traditional makeup can use the mineral kind of make up safely.

Even more coverage

One of the most important reasons for which women switch to this kind of makeup is that it offers superior coverage. You have the possibility to hide redness, uneven skin tone and discoloration as well as other kinds of blemishes and you will have beautiful, even and radiant skin every time.

No more heavy feeling

The mineral make up feels lighter on the skin and in many cases women don’t even feel that they have makeup on. Although some of the advertisements say that you could also sleep in it, the majority of the dermatologists say that you should avoid such situations.

Cons of the mineral kind of makeup

These kinds of makeup offer no sun protection. Although it is said that some of them come with SPF 30, there is no indication on how much product you should use in order to benefit from these properties. The mineral make up is light and sheer so it is very probable that it offers only very little protection against the sun.

Less durability

Since these makeup isn’t full of fillers, such as polymers and binders that make the makeup stick to the face for a longer period of time, it doesn’t last as long as the traditional makeup. While in some cases the lack of fillers is considered to be a pro, sometimes it could also turn out to be a con.

Fewer shades

The colors of the mineral kind of makeup are limited to a natural color range and this is why there aren’t so many colors to choose from. In case of women who don’t have a standard skin tone it might be difficult to find a color to be suitable for their skin.

We also have to mention the messy application regarding mineral make up.


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