Making the Most of a Nude Makeup

Some women think that the nude makeup isn’t even real makeup because there aren’t enough colors. Others believe that the nude makeup helps women show off their natural beauty without looking artificial and this way they can be sure that they won’t end up looking like a doll.

Showing some skin

The main point of the nude makeup is to allow your skin to shine through your makeup. The biggest advantage of the makeup is that it is really low maintenance. Nude makeup should add dimension and not color. Its purpose is to add an effect. Keep this in mind when choosing the colors.

Nude Makeup

Set the tone

The makeup of this kind should simulate your skin tone. This is why it is important for the colors that you choose to have a complementary undertone. The first step is to assess whether your skin tone is medium, fair or dark. For fair skinned girls the peach tones are the best.

In case you have a medium skin tone you should have pink tones and the dark skinned girls should go for caramel shades. Make sure that you don’t use any makeup that is too beige. It is a mistake that a lot of women make. The biggest problem of beige is that it doesn’t have red pigments.


Once you have the right nude shade, you can move on to the finish. The blushes and shadows should have some shimmer to add dimension to your look. Nude can be unflattering if it is too pale. The key is for the product to reflect light. You don’t want to end up looking chalky and dusty.

Smooth result

To achieve the best results, you should start with applying a layer of moisturizer mixed with medium coverage foundation to even out your skin tone. As a result you can achieve a radiant canvas and a radiant finish. Mix the moisturizer and the foundation on the back of your hand.

Prime the eyes

The colors used by the nude makeup are light, so you need a good primer to bring out the color of the eyes. The shadow should have a base so that the spots wouldn’t show through. Some of the products that you can use also raise the eyelids a bit after their dry, having an anti-aging effect on your look.

As you can see nude makeup isn’t about the lack of color, but about adding the right colors.


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