Red Lips: A Celebrity Inspired Holiday Look

In case you are one of the fashion conscious girls out there, for sure you know that one of the major trends of the season is having red lips. They rocked the catwalks. Maybe it is time for you to try the look as well, since it is said to be the most feminine one. If you are daring enough, all there is left for you to do is to decide whether you go for gloss or matte.

Both of the finishes had quite a success on the runways, and there have been numerous different shades that you could choose from, ranging between scarlet and cherry red.

Red Lips

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Naturally we could have also spotted berry tones and deep wine. Of course the celebrities also followed the trend, including Taylor Swift and Uma Thurman. Both of them chose the fire engine hue.

In the majority of the cases the fashion houses made their models wear both the matte and glossy finish.

Things to remember

Except for the special cases, you should focus only on the eye or the lips, but not on both in the same time. This means that in case you choose to have red lips, you should make sure that you play your eyes down, so that you won’t end up looking like a clown.

If you are planning on having red lips, you should make sure that you have smooth and soft lips. In case there is some loose skin or roughness, it could ruin the entire look. For this you should be using lip balm on a regular basis, and don’t forget about the protective creams either.

According to the makeup artists, the best thing that women could do for their looks is to play with thedifferent textures. You don’t have to be using the good old matte lipsticks, but try some semi-transparent gloss or try using a bit of red liner. Make sure that they come in the same shade as the lipstick and you could be using lip balm as the base.

Choosing the color

As it has been mentioned, there are numerous shades that you can choose from, and in order to know which one to rock, the first feature that you have to consider is your skin tone. In order to find the perfect shade, you have to use the traditional approach: try as many shades as you can to find the perfect one.


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