Shine Like a Star on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a really important day for the majority of women and this is why they would like to look their best on this special occasion. In case you are looking for some ideas, you should be inspired by the looks of the celebrities.

Polished loop

Although this hairstyle needs some patience and some pins, it isn’t impossible to do and it is just perfect for a lunch date or in case you are going on a date right after work. The same look has been in case of Natalie Portman.

To achieve the style you should create a side part and apply some styling gel. Gather the hair in the back into a low ponytail.

Then divide the ponytail into two sections and the lower section should be fold under, securing the ends with pins. The other section should be wrapped around the base of the tail.

Add some volume

In case of  Valentine’s Day it is important to have a hairstyle that is touchable because guys like to run their fingers through women’s hair. Be inspired by the look of Carrie Underwood.

Apply some smoothing cream and then blow dry the hair with a round brush to add some more volume to it. Take a large barrel curling iron and wrap some sections of hair around it. In the end, loosen the curls by finger combing them. As a finishing touch, apply some shine serum.

Sleek center part

In case you don’t want to look like you tried too hard but you would still like to have a polished look, you could go for the style of Jennifer Lopez. Apply some anti-frizz serum on your damp hair and then blow dry it with a paddle brush. In the end, straighten the hair with a flat iron to achieve some more shine and to make it smooth.


In case you have natural curly hair, you should define those ringlets, just as Rihanna did. Apply some curl cream on your damp hair and allow it to air dry, or dry it with a diffuser. Then wrap sections of hair around a small barrel curling iron. Select the naturally curly strands and work with them. And finally spray the hair with shine spray. Remember not to finger comb the curls because you want them to be bouncy.

There are some other celebrity looks as well that may inspire you.


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