Simple Eye Make Up Tips!

make upSensitive and Delicate Eyes! As you all know eyes are the most sensitive among all other features. They are the first to express your feelings, though you try to hide your feelings later.

Apart from this your eyes are the most attractive features which can be made more beautiful, expressive and attractive.

All you need to do is take a good proper care of your eyes and of course well planned make up tips will surely help you.

Here are some simple yet very effective make up tips to help you in this regard.

Eye make up comprises of providing a proper shape and well defining eyes. Eye liner is used for this purpose. If you have small eyes, then stress should be on the outer corners of the eyes giving the inner corners a highlighted look and if you a wide eyes, then stress should be on inner corners highlighting the outer corners.

Other make up tips are never touch the rim of the eye. If you are using a liquid eye liner, then make sure you use it perfectly better to practice it on a paper and on your eyes. This is because if it is for the first time you are using it then your hands will shake spoiling the lining and shape. If you have large eyelids, then eye lining should be thick and if you have small eyelids, then thin eye lining is ideal.

Before selecting the eye shadow you better test the color on the backside of your hand remember the color will be lighter than it appears on the eyelid. Prefer dark colors like grey, blue or black. Many forms of eye shadow are available in the market like the powder, liquids, sticks and creams. Again in powder forms they are 2 types the loose and the pressed powders, the later are proven to be the better ones.

Using Contact Lenses? Then you be very careful and don’t forget to use only waterproof mascara to prevent any flakes getting into the eyes. Curling of eye lashes should be done before applying the mascara to prevent it from sticking to the curler. If you have purchased new mascara then don’t forget to remove the deposit from the mouth of the container in order to prevent smudging.

Among the make up tips of the day is don’t forget to remove the entire make up before going to bed completely. Even the eye makeup including the mascara must be removed perfectly in order to avoid any complications.

So there you are with handful make up tips information for you to follow and implement for better results.


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