Captivate Men with Your Smoky Eye Make Up Look

Sultry, hot, sex-kitten look is how people describe Kim Kardashian’s smoky eye make up. Her perfect almond-shape eyes when complemented with the smoky eye make up create the mysterious and captivating look. To capture the same look you have to know the basic application steps of the smoky eye make up.

Smoky Eye Make Up Easy Steps

Perfect Skin Finish


Smoky eye make up or not, the best make up applications begin with the perfect skin matte finish. And a perfect skin finish can only be achieved if the skin is smooth, supple and free from breakouts.

A daily skincare regimen includes a very good cleanser and moisturizer, plus a skin lifting serum, eye cream and lip balm. Do your skincare regimen religiously because no amount of foundation can cover your skin flaws.

Perfect Match Foundation

To even out the color of your face, choose a base foundation that will perfectly match your skin tone. To do this, get a small amount of the foundation and apply it from your cheek down to your chin.

If it disappears unnoticeably then that is your perfect skin tone match. A good technique would be to use a brush for application.

Hiding Faults

There are times when you cannot do away with sleepless nights and skin breakouts. To hide these flaws, use a concealer to even out dark circles under the eyes and pimple marks.

Translucent Finish

To achieve a smooth finish, brush a small amount of translucent powder all over the face.

Perfect Brows

Smoky eye make up will not be complete without a well trimmed set of brows. To even out brow spaces use a brow pencil that is the same shade as your hair. Then smooth it out by using a brow brush.

Smoky Eye Make Up

To create the smoky eye make up, you need to have a shimmery eye shadow, a dark colored eye shadow, liquid and pencil eye liners and a lustrous powder.

The first step is to apply a golden shimmery shade all over the eye lid. Then apply a coppery brown eye shadow on the outer corners of the eye finishing it in a wing-shape that disappears near the end of your brows. Using the same coppery brown shade, line it across the lower lash line and then apply a darker shade of eye liner on the lower lash line.

To put more life into your eyes, use a liquid eye liner and apply a thin layer starting from the inner corner of your eyes that slowly thickens as it reaches the outer corners. The liquid eye liner should complement the coppery eye shadow and should be applied with the same wing-shape finish.

Then you are ready to brush on the lustrous powder all over your eyes to create the smoky eye make up metallic finish. Lastly, curl your lashes and then apply a voluminous, lash lengthening mascara to complete the smoky eye make up.

Bronzed Up

To create the exotic sheer look dash a bronzing powder around your hairline, cheeks, nose bridge and chin.

Nude Lips

To complete the smoky eye make up look, use a nude lipstick to create a natural look and put more focus onto your eyes. Then apply a lip liner to set the lip contour and finally finish it by applying a shimmery pink shade of lip gloss.


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