Spring Make-up Tips for Glasses Wearers

2014 is the year that will emphasize woman’s power and beauty, and nothing says sexy and intelligent more than wearing a pair of glasses. Strong women have become a model of respect and value, and this spring comes with a few fashion tips that will certainly bring out the best features of glasses wearers.

Spring Make-up Tips for Glasses Wearers


There is a saying that eyes are the mirror of one’s soul, so the main focus should be to point them out in the best way possible. In order to avoid mistakes, one should stay neutral with the eye makeup, using always lighter shades than the color of the frame. Thus, the eyes will look bigger and brighter.

Eyeliner secrets

Smaller eyes need eyeliner all around them, while bigger eyes request only a little bit of liner that definitely won’t go all the way around. During special occasions, use cat eye eyeliner that will make the eyes stand out.

A few tips

Smokey eyes will always look amazing when used correctly. Thus, glasses wearers should know a little secret, which is to double the line when applying this makeup. Simplicity has always been the definition of elegance but you can add a little shimmer to the lower lid for a memorable effect .

Intensified look

The best way to make the eyes stand out is by focusing on the eyelashes. Use an eyelash curler to obtain a fresh look, and for more impact apply two coats of black mascara. You will certainly be noticed.

Clearly defined eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrows, there is a secret that will make every glasses wearer look amazing, and that it matching their thickness with the one of the glasses. The eyebrows may be brushed and shaped using tweezers. In order to define them, choose a gel liner or a pencil, going for shades that match the hair.

Live colors for the lips

Spring is all about the beautiful colors, so if you like a bold color, go for it.  Try something that will certainly make your lips look sensational.

Flawless finish

Use concealer to hide any imperfections. The yellow one is made to correct dark circles under the eyes and blemishes, while the green one will hide red spots. Add foundation to even the skin tone and go for the blush, as it will give a natural glow to every look.

In order to obtain an amazing look, spend more time in front of the mirror, finding out which tips are more helpful in your case.


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