Spring Makeup – Go Natural

Natural is the secret beauty tip this season. Eric Jimenez, the world sales director and makeup artist from Urban Decay Cosmetics, advocates the natural look over the made up hard edge look.

According to Jimenez healthy skin and hair are beautiful and less makeup is more.  He advocates the natural look and says “make your skin and hair healthier to look beautiful”.


He starts with the eyebrows, the bane for most women. He says women need not fret over their brows and suffer with all that tweezing, waxing and threading. “Let them grow naturally. Natural is beautiful,” says Jimenez.  According to him bushy eyebrows look beautiful and nature should be allowed to take her course. Of course it is important to keep them neat.

Chuck the concealer. One no longer needs to cover up the perceived flaws of the skin. Let it look natural and radiate with beauty. Take care of the skin and work towards giving it a natural healthy look and glow. One can always opt for minerals, illuminizers and tinted moisturizers to get that beautiful skin.

Blushes are great to get that flush with healthy look to your face. A little cream blush on the cheeks and lips will give you the desired look and keep your lips soft too. Soft lips are in this spring.

Instead of using false lashes, look at making your eyelashes healthier and more luxuriant. There are a range of mascaras to choose from to help your lashes look and feel luxuriant. Choose from mascaras that help you lengthen, volumize and grow your lashes. Opt for mascaras with growth serums to get those naturally long eyelashes.


Use makeup to highlight your best features and also to camouflage what you don’t like. Lips are an important feature and a woman with luscious lips is not only coveted but also feels confident. For those who like to flaunt their lips, here are quite a few trends for lip makeup this season.

Bold lip makeup is the season’s flavor this year. Trend setters in the fashion industry advocate the bold look for lip makeup. Look for bold lip colors that suit the skin tone and complement it.

Colors that clash with the skin tone will look garish. Look for trendy tips but always use them in conjunction with the skin tone and texture. Blindly following trends may end up with make up faux pas that could be very embarrassing.

Remember to choose trends and styles that complement your natural look.


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