Stay Away From Beauty Mistakes

There are several mistakes when it comes to makeup. Achieving the perfect makeup is not an easy issue, because you need to know what suits perfectly your skin. To avoid the basic mistakes in the makeup, just make sure about the quality of the products you are using.

Avoid thick foundation for it adds a heavy makeup on your face and looks extremely artificial on your skin. Instead of that always follow some simple steps in applying the foundation – hydrate the skin well and apply a sheer foundation.

applying foundationIn case, you are using a sponge, you can also use your fingers for applying it, because you will apply less foundation this way.

Never add too much eye-shadow on your eyes, because it looks grotesque. Too much blush on your cheeks is also another way to ruin your stylish makeup.

blushApply the color on the highest point of your cheekbones and make sure it is not too close to your nose. Neutral rose colors are a good decision. Skip the dark and dramatic colors.

When you are applying lipstick, the rule you need to remember is following your natural lip lines. Bold colors are a good idea, but make sure you are strictly covering the lips and not adding too much lipstick.


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