Straight from the Runway – Beauty Tips for Fall 2013

In case you would like to look just like the models on the runways, you might be interested in the tricksthat the makeup artists use on the models and celebrities. While some of them may seem strange, you should know that they work like magic.

Highlighter and Number Three

When using highlighter there are three areas of the face that you have to focus on. The point is to apply the highlighter in the places where natural light hits the face. Start at the middle of the forehead, all the way down to the nostril and end it at the middle of your chin. Repeat on the other side as well.

Tape Your Hair

Although it might seem weird, if you would like to give your classic ponytail a sex spin, you should think about securing it at the base with bondage tape. This is something that you can find at the adult to shop. Most probably this is a trick that you would have never thought about.

Lipstick on Cheeks

In case you would like to have a romantic blush, you might want to consider blending two lipsticks on your cheeks. For the perfect results you could consider about Ruby Woo and Lade Danger, both of them offered by MAC.

Bedhead Hair and Dry Shampoo

In case you aren’t going for a very polished look, you should keep in mind to use dry shampoo. This will offer you the perfect two day old look. Just apply the dry shampoo to the roots and lift the hair with a round brush while using the blow drier.

Metallic Shades

The women who would like to make sure that people notice their eyes should think about metallic shades. It might be a good idea to apply silver eyeshadow at the upper lash line. Make the eyes pop by using a gold hue under the waterline.

Blend The Skincare Products

Having glowing skin is a major trend these days. In order to achieve a natural effect you should combine your liquid foundation with moisturizer and liquid luminizer. This way you will get a glow effect without using too many layers of makeup or making your skin look as if it was made of plastic.

Use these tips and tricks to make all your looks catwalk worthy and to add a fun yet sexy spin to your style. You can be sure that people will notice the changes.


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